Greetings and thanks for your visit.  What I have posted on this website represents about 30% of all the work I have created.  I did not start drawing until I was in my early thirties.  And since I had no training or formal art education, my style just developed on it’s own.  In the beginning portraits were my focus, however by some luck I hooked up with an art rep in Seattle and had a somewhat short but rewarding experience as a commercial illustrator.   I then moved to Sedona for a few years and on to Del Mar for another decade.  During this time I had gallery representation in Sedona, Scottsdale, Del Mar and Laguna Beach.  However, it appears that my drawing days are over; in the summer of 2018 I had surgery to remove my cataracts as they made it difficult to draw fine detail.  But after the operation, my vision is worse than ever.  I am now see double and objects appear larger in my left eye and smaller in my right eye.  What you see on this web site may be the last of it. Though the Universe works is strange ways,  I will find another method to be creative and in the meanwhile,  I live with a lovely person on the Olympic Peninsula.  I spend time gardening, dancing, and volunteering with the Elks and Kiwanis.  I have three sons, one daughter and four grand children.  Born in 1945, I grew up in Tacoma, Washington and have always considered the Puget Sound area to be one of the more beautiful and happy places to live.

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If you could not find “Love” in the Marilyn Monroe piece then check it out on You Tube.  Link to the right.

Best Regards,

Ed Hauser


Pencil Drawings by E J Hauser